Episode 17 - Interview with Shaun de Vries from Open Pantry Consulting

In Episode 17, I got the great pleasure to chat with one of the industry’s smartest minds - Shaun de Vries from Open Pantry Consulting & The Principle of Hospitality Podcast. Shaun is a leading figure in the hospitality industry in Australia. He’s had a career that’s seen him become a leading expert in the areas of operational management and employee experience.

In this episode, Shaun and I discuss the importance of delivering an outstanding employee experience. We zero in on the first three steps of the ‘employee experience’ attract, hire and onboarding! Shaun breaks down each steps and shares real world practical steps owners can action in their business.

If you’re looking for answers on how to attract and retain great talent, then this is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

Shaun’s Bio:

Shaun has been fortunate to work with amazing mentors along the way who have guided him and allowed him to grow in the hospitality industry. Having been a venue owner himself, Shaun knows the time, effort and experience required to develop a hospitality concept.

Today he and his team advise the hospitality industry through his brands Open Pantry Consulting and 42 Days, as well as co-founding the hospitality podcast Principle of Hospitality for the last 7 years which talks to the great leaders in the industry.