Hospitality Business Coaching

Designed to give food & beverage operators a blueprint for business success!

Our 1:1 coaching services alongside industry leading systems and our best practice resources, will be the recipe that makes your business become one of the industry's best.

Where here to help you & your team build an outstanding hospitality business.

Bring your biggest challenges to us and we'll help you through them. From attracting the best employees, growing sales, managing your finances or building your business to sell -  coaching will give you the answers you need. 

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The Business of Hospitality Coaching Program

This 12-week program is the first step towards working with James. It's based around what we call The five pillars of business. This framework helps clients organise themselves in a way that ensures they have a balanced & systematic approach to improving their business.

Most clients begin coaching with James with a couple of areas they are strong in but may have ignored the areas they don't understand or aren't interested in. This leads to underperformance and stress.

This 1-1 coaching program ensure new clients have the best practice knowledge to excel in all of the five areas

- then results follow.

Following this 12-week program, clients moved to a customised coaching package that best serves their goals and on-going needs.

(We have a number of payment options, so feel free to contact us for details).

This Coaching is registered with the Management Capability Development Fund. Find out more by visiting

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Coaching Reviews


James Arnott 

Cook Brothers Hospitality Group  Auckland

"THC are a great company and awesome people to work with. These guys really get hospitality and have the skills and experience to make a real impact on their clients. They really care about ensuring their clients succeed."

Mel Lind

Charley Noble Wellington 

"James is very passionate and knowledgeable about hospitality business, which is refreshing coaching to get, tailored to our industry rather than a blanket rule approach. Thanks for the support!"

PJ & Sam

People Like Us Arrowtown

"James has been a huge part in our sustainable growth and moving forward in a ‘Business Like Manner’.
We now understand and teach solid businesses practices in our Hospitality outlets.

The Hospitality Coaching Portal

The Hospitality Coaching Portal can be accessed by current 1:1 coaching clients and Group Coaching clients.