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What areas of business does Hospitality Business Coaching cover?

Hospitality Business Coaching with James covers what we call The five pillars of business. This framework helps clients organise themselves in a way that ensures they have a balanced approach to improving their business.

Most clients begin coaching with James with a couple of areas they are strong in but may have ignored the areas they don't understand or aren't interested in. This leads to underperformance and stress.

1-1 coaching with James will ensure you excel in all of the five areas - then results follow.

Coaching Reviews


James Arnott 

Cook Brothers Hospitality Group  Auckland

"THC are a great company and awesome people to work with. These guys really get hospitality and have the skills and experience to make a real impact on their clients. They really care about ensuring their clients succeed."

Katherine & Ryan Dippie

Fife Lane Mt Manganui

"We have been working with James at The Hospitality Company now for over 3 years. His coaching and resources have been invaluable to us achieving our goals for our business and setting us up for a long and fruitful career in Hospitality. The value he has added to our business and as business owners is something we will benefit from for years to come."

Mel Lind

Charley Noble Wellington 

"James is very passionate and knowledgeable about hospitality business, which is refreshing coaching to get, tailored to our industry rather than a blanket rule approach. Thanks for the support!"

Fran Voza

Miro Christchurch

"I cannot recommend The Hospitality Company highly enough. I have been working with James and the difference in the way I manage the business is incredible. I always thought I was organised and structured but James has shown me how to work smarter not harder."

Cam & Selina Davies

The Fat Duck Te Anau

"We have been working with The Hospitality Company for just over two years. It has been an amazing journey so far. James is a highly professional coach who’s coaching, guiding and resources have been invaluable to us in becoming a "much better business".

PJ & Sam

People Like Us Arrowtown

"James has been a huge part in our sustainable growth and moving forward in a ‘Business Like Manner’.
We now understand and teach solid businesses practices in our Hospitality outlets.

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Dominique Fourie - Co Owner of Floriditas & Loretta, Wellington

"You think you know what you're doing in the game of hospitality, and then you meet James and you realise how much you still have to learn. We've found James' teachings on all aspects of hospitality business to be revolutionary, and quite frankly, pretty transformative for our two venues. Makes me wish we'd crossed paths a lot sooner."