We're on a mission to teach better business and grow smarter leaders.

The Hospitality Company is dedicated to helping Owners, Managers and frontline staff to build exceptional Food & Beverage businesses.

Our Purpose is to transform the results of the

Food & Beverage industry.

We want to see the Food & Beverage industry become more productive and successful for everyone involved.

Our Team 

James O'Connell - Founder/CEO/Advisor

James is New Zealand's most experienced Hospitality Business Coach. With 23 years experience and a passion for helping Owners and Managers succeed -  James is one of the industry's most trusted business experts.

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Liz Perkins - Advisor & Coach 

Liz is a force of nature. A true industry leader and an expert on how to create successful and sustainable hospitality businesses. Liz has 'walked the talk' and now loves to share her experience with others.

Isabelle Barkley - Community Builder & Content Creator

With a passion for food, people and writing, Isabelle is the perfect person to be creating our content and connecting our community.

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