Group Coaching Program - Owners

The Business of Hospitality Group Coaching Program is designed for owners who are looking to improve the profitability & performance of their business. This 12-week group coaching program will provide a roadmap to business success in the F&B industry.

How does the group coaching program work?

Each coaching intake is limited to 10 owners, to ensure we can deliver personalised education.

The program consists of the following:

  • 12 weekly group coaching calls via Zoom
  • Each session is 45min long (is recorded)
  • Individual access to an online coaching portal
  • Access to resources and templates via the portal
  • Quick check-ins to support¬†owners throughout the course
  • Access to extra online courses

Course Price: $2400+gst 

(We have a number of payment options so feel free to contact us for details on these).

Email is at [email protected]¬†¬†for more details and¬†info¬†on our next program.

 This Coaching is registered with the Management Capability Development Fund. Find out more by visiting

The content...

This Owners Coaching Program will focus on 'best practice' business and leadership within the F&B industry.

Key topics of the program include:

  • Define your business strategy - how to win
  • How to create a clear plan¬†& key priorities¬†
  • Financial planning & leadership
  • Core systems selection, creation & implementation
  • How to attract, train and grow the industry's best people
  • Marketing¬†& sales leadership
  • How to be an effective leader in a complex environment
  • Understand what 'best practice' is for the key areas of your F&B business
  • and much more...


We focus on what we call Business FIRST THINGS (BFTs).

Our BFTs are Outstanding Food & Beverage, Outstanding Experiences (for guests & employees) and Outstanding Finance.

The intended outcome for the program is for Owners to gain an activated understanding of how they can create better results in BFTs for the business in which they lead.