Are you looking to improve the performance and financial results from your kitchen?

This 'one of a kind course' hosted by Liz Perkins will provide students with the training to transform the results of any Hospo kitchen. The course will give Owners and Senior Kitchen Managers detailed training into what best practice looks like in a hospo kitchen.

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This course will teach you:

To understand the key aspects to financial reporting for a kitchen

To learn how to correctly calculate monthly cost of goods

To understand the WHY behind your menu development process

Effective Kitchen Management Leads to

Improved Profit

Making money from food requires expert knowledge and disciplined execution.

This course teaches both.

Improve Your Kitchen Management

Key benefits from this course

The Kitchen Management & Menu Engineering Course is a detailed 10 lesson course that teaches best practice kitchen management in the hospo industry. Kitchen Managers and Senior Chefs play a pivotal role in the creation of profitable menus and productive kitchens.

This course provides a number of benefits including:

- The best approach to build profitable food menus

- How to build a culture of cost of goods excellence

- Menu development framework

- Templates and extra resources


Ready to Build a More Productive Kitchen?

Join Liz and the team at The Hospitality Company as we give you the training to improve the performance of your kitchen and menus.

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