James O'Connell | Hospitality Business Coach


For over 30 years James has loved working in the Hospitality Industry. He has been a hands-on practitioner in almost every position; kitchen hand, waiter-of-the-year, a partner in a fine-dining waiter school, manager, caterer, tertiary lecturer, restaurant-of-the-year judge, restaurant and bar owner, COO of a large hospitality franchise and hospitality coaching & consulting business owner.

He loves the industry and loves to teach. His experience and institutional knowledge form the key building blocks of The Hospitality Company. The Hospitality Company specialises in teaching business and hospitality skills to business owners, managers and key team members responsible for delivering exceptional business and hospitality practice.

James started The Hospitality Company in 2016 which now delivers online business coaching and training courses to hundreds of ‘friends’ all over New Zealand and Australia. Over the last 10 years, James has been travelling internationally to learn from and work with some of the leading minds in the hospitality industry.

Services James provides:

  • 1:1 Online Hospitality Business Coaching
  • Management Group Coaching Programs
  • Online training via courses

You can contact James at [email protected]

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