Are you looking to improve the profitability of your hospo business? 

This course hosted by Liz Perkins, will give Owners and Senior Managers an expert education on how to build and manage the numbers towards a highly profitable business. 

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In this course you'll learn:

What numbers are the right numbers and how to access them


Develop a plan for your team to report on the numbers and improve them


Learn how to positively influence the numbers and improve profit


Build financial tools & systems that are teachable to all of your team


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This is one of the most comprehensive and affordable financial management online courses for hospitality owners and senior managers.

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Key benefits from this course

The Financial Control Systems Course is a comprehensive guide on how to build a profitable business. The course and content is best suited to hospo businesses that are based in New Zealand and Australia.

The benefits of the course will be felt accross all areas and people within your business. As the financial leader you are charged with providing a game plan that all employee's can understand and get excited about. 

This course will help you become confident as leader and give you the training and methods to get a clear direction to how you grow profits and engage your team in the process.

Another benefit is that you'll gain a deeper understanding of the daily financial practices that will lead to better numbers and ultimately improve the bottom line of your F&B business.


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Join Liz and the team at The Hospitality Company and let us teach you how to build a financial successful & sustainable hospo business.

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