Are you looking to improve your approach to financial planning & engage your staff in the process? 

This course will train you in the business approach called Open Book Management (OBM). The course is hosted by James O'Connell. The course will give Owners and Senior Managers a detailed explanation of OBM and how to successfully implement it into a hospo business.

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In this course you'll learn:

A better systems for financial planning that will engage your team

How to develop a systems for forecasting and measuring key performance areas

Learn how to effectively communicate the critical numbers

How to build an incentive programme that will motivate your team.

Learn a new way of being a financial leadership

This OBM training will teach you how to be better at playing the game we call

'the business of hospitality.' 

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Key benefits from this course

The Financial Planning & Leadership Course is a detailed series of trainings on how to implement Open Book Management into a hospo business .The course teaches the three step process of Open Book Management and why the approach works so well in our industry. 

This course provides a number of benefits including:

- A detailed breakdown of the approach

- A roadmap of how to get it started

- Hospo specific examples

- Templates and extra resources


Improve Team Engagement & Improve

Your Results 

Join James and the team at The Hospitality Company and let us teach you one of the most successful approaches we have implemented into our clients businesses over the last two decades.

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