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Hospitality is more than a reference to ‘an industry’ it’s the most powerful business strategy of our time.

The Hospitality Company helps build increasingly profitable businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the experience and performance, of every participating business, through a culture of hospitality, outstanding communication and strong business strategy.

Through the success of participating businesses, we seek to set a new and infectious ‘hospitality standard’ in business.

Our Services

To transform a business you start from the top. Our range of services focuses on leaders first; hospitality owners and managers. We help clients fully realise their business potential by achieving financial growth and increasing freedom. More importantly, we help owners and managers discover their purpose in business.  Don’t be weighed down by the technical elements of your business, learn how to make your business increasingly profitable and supportive of your family and community.

Our Relationships

“Alexis and James have such great ideas and energy; I always leave our conversations feeling enriched and inspired. We appreciate our relationship and respect their passion for improving the industry.

We love that they have made such an effort to understand who we are at the Union Square Hospitality Group. They ‘get’ us and appreciate our efforts – it’s important to have friends who value what is really at the heart of great hospitality.

For us, Enlightened Hospitality is a powerful mission and strategy; James and Alexis understand our culture and are passionate about improving the business experience for everyone.”

Erin Moran – Chief Culture Officer, Union Square Hospitality Group (New York)

“With the help of The Hospitality Company, we’ve had a 220% increase in our net profit.”

Liz Perkins, Monteith's Alexandra

“Joining The Hospitality Company has changed the way we do business, even though we have been operating for over 20 years we now have a structured approach to knowing the numbers and planning for the future. We know where we are financially and where we want to be.”

Jon, Circus Circus, Auckland

“I think Coco’s has always been a great restaurant, but it hasn’t always been a great business, and that was the goal. Through James, and the Hospitality Company we are well on our way to achieving this.”

Renee Coutler, Coco's, Auckland

“We are smashing sales records with a happy team! Encouraging our team to understand the financial side of the business has made an amazing difference. They get excited by learning and understanding how the business works. The Hospitality Company have helped make this happen. Thank you!”

Sam and PJ, La Rumbla & Slow Cuts, Arrowtown

The Business of Hospitality Course For Owners

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