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No stories or anecdotes in this blog … just ONE strong and simple point that I don’t what anyone to miss.

Once upon a time … marketing was a narrow science; it was all about the product. Then the technological age complicated matters, product development became increasingly sophisticated and competitive, and marketing drove itself by the ‘customer service’ engine. ‘Service’ was targeted at passive customers that demanded little but efficiency and politeness; it was about delivering what the customer wanted with as little fuss as possible.

If you are a follower of our blog – you will know that we stress the importance of marketing that impresses upon the human spirit. Many businesses understand this and have done so for at least a couple of decades; especially in the areas of community responsibility and environmental sustainability. But there is so much more that needs to be genuinely felt and expressed IF you want to stand out amongst the crowd and feel better about your work and self at the same time.

As a customer, I still experience far too much detached and cold ‘customer service’ from New Zealand’s Hospitality Industry and I am a customer every day – because it’s my job to experience your hospitality. And that’s the clincher isn’t it … hospitality? The Hospitality Industry has never had more discerning customers who are spending their hard earned discretionary cash and hard earned discretionary time at your business. Do you seriously believe that efficiency and politeness is enough? If you do, then the food better be absolutely out-of-this-world because you won’t be remembered.

Hospitality is the way we look after people and the experience they have while they are with us … it’s about how good we make them feel. Hospitality needs to be a star amongst your CORE VALUES, it needs to replace all the empty and soulless talk of customer service – because that’s sooooo 1980s and you’ve already been left behind.

Use your recycled takeaway cups, but don’t be too cool to look your customer in the eye and connect; business is no different from every other aspect of life – its most efficient engine is relationship.


March 24/03/2016 Mr Hospitality