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Most industry websites are not working for the business as effectively as they could.

This package consists of FOUR HOURS of focused labour resulting in a comprehensive report on your website presence, which includes; a step-by-step guide for further marketing effectiveness, how your website can be a ‘talent magnet’ and how your website should align with your customer relationship management.

The service is designed to fit the individual business and align the website/s with the over-all vision and marketing strategy of the business.

The report covers:

A website audit: what is working, what is not working, what should be there that is not.

Content review: Comprehensive editing, additional or replacement content and suggestions – that can be immediately transposed onto the site. This is the age of content marketing, what does that look like for you?

A step-by-step action plan: what technical aspects need to be fixed, and how to get them fixed fast.

Depending on the number of websites, or extent of content required, the next step will include a suggested marketing strategy for instant application.

Completed within one week of payment.The report process will include two consultations sessions of 10-20 minutes; one the precedes the report, and one after report completion.

$475 (inclusive of GST)

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