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Never in the history of the world has there been so much information available; yet we still read so little, and those in the hospitality industry are amongst the worst offenders. The busy nature of running a small business, particularly in hospitality, can sabotage ‘thinking time’ – certainly annihilate the sort of time available to read an actual book!

But you can’t afford not to read and learn – without learning your business will stagnate or fail because you will repeat only what you know.

Behind every successful business owner there is a person who reads – often waking earlier than others in the morning and reading a least a book a week.

Ask every business owner you meet – a key to their success will be their ability to increase their knowledge on every aspect of their business – even the areas they don’t enjoy so much.

Life is short, and there simply isn’t time to learn everything through experience, you need to read and learn through the experience of others and fit multiple life-times into one. Reading and learning prepares you to act wisely and it embeds a richer source of material for you to utilise throughout your demanding day.

You are your daily routine – so be disciplined and prioritise the reading of material that will improve your business practice.

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30/11/2015 Mrs Hospitality