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The Hospitality Leadership Academy –  Business Management for the Hospitality Industry is a FULL ON intensive study, support and networking Professional and Personal Development Course for Hospitality Management.

It includes 18 online video tutorial sessions with study material provided and access to advice and support from The Hospitality Company. In order to gain a certificate of completion a final workbook needs to be returned to the Company for checking.

We would argue, this course is considerably more practical than courses offered by tertiary education providers, and better designed for those who have considerable work and life experience. It is not the sort of PD that can be experienced passively; it demands that all participants are engaged and actively learning the material that will make a significant difference to your business.

The course is completely focused on all areas of  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT that are DIRECTLY RELEVANT to managing a business more profitably. It is a course that will make an immediate and positive difference to your business and to the life of the Manager involved.

We communicate high-expectations is everything we do.

If you are looking for ways to grow and encourage your employees professionally and personally – this course delivers well beyond the initial investment.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship and provide long-term support to all participants.

Once the course is completed, participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion and a detailed account of the work that was covered.

Call or email us NOW and have a chat about whether this is the right way forward from your Manager or Management Team. Once you have signed up we will send you the detailed course outline for you to discuss and prepare with your team.

*This course is part of the NZ Trade and Enterprise Regional Partners voucher system.

What people say:

 “After completing the Academy I have a more clearer understanding of not only hospitality but business too. The Academy for me was both challenging as well as rewarding. It tested my personal discipline so too my personal growth. Overall The Academy has made me more stable and structured in my life going forward.”

Violet Shey Palmer, Assistant Restaurant Manager at 35 South (2016)

“One of our  General Managers, Lisa, has been enrolled on The Hospitality Leadership Academy. In a few short weeks I have seen a remarkable improvement in Lisa and her interaction with the business and that of her staff. Her understanding of key business principles, has lifted considerably with a new found enthusiasm for her role and engagement with the key members of her team. I personally would encourage business owners to invest in the future of the right people, in their development as leaders for their success and that of your company.”

Chris Churchward CEO Cobb Group Ltd (2016)

“We have 7 of our team members on The Hospitality Leadership Academy currently. The difference is incredible. Our team all understand the “Why’ of what we are doing. They understand that the system is there to save them time and energy when they are completing their job. What is more is they understand the impact their decisions (and their teammates decisions) have on the entire business. My team members now see the business as ‘ours’ and understand  the way they can add value to the business and ultimately add value to their lives through money or skills as the business grows. It has been the best investment we could make in our people and we are seeing better results every day with an engaged and growing team.”

Sarah Greener Owner at 35 South (2016)


The course is written and implemented by Alexis and James O’Connell who between them have over 25 years of experience in Hospitality and Education; with leadership and writing experience in Secondary Education from School Cert and Bursary, Unit Standards, NCEA, Scholarship and as Tertiary Education providers for youth and adults. 

Course Fees $795 excl GST

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