The Hospitality Culture Workshop 2019-03-04T13:45:35+13:00

This one day workshop is an updated & caffeinated version of our popular Hospitality Leadership Course … and this time we come to you!

Designed to inspire everyone with a clear purpose towards a 21st Century expression of experience and relational hospitality – this short one-day training programme:

  1. Changes the perspective and enhances the performance of entire teams
  2. Revitalises the context of working in hospitality for individuals
  3. Provides clear and practical steps towards improved profit
  4. Propels individuals forward on their own career trajectory
  5. Reminds leaders why their work is so important

The Training Objectives are:

  • Understanding the difference between Service & Hospitality
  • Why Hospitality & Culture are the non-negotiable way forward
  • Why culture must always come first
  • The importance of a Net Promoter Score and Employee Net Promoter Score
  • How to build a culture of hospitality

This training is smart, well-researched and built on empirical evidence. Two years in the making, we have refined and turbo-charged this material. There is simply nothing like it in New Zealand.

Who should attend?

Owners, managers, supervisors and entire teams.

The Trainer:

The workshop is delivered by James O’Connell


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Site Managers from Cook Brothers Bars at our Hospitality Training Workshop