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She may love your Ensalada de Salmon but is she telling others?

You know business in the 21st Century is relationally driven – it’s all about who wants to be in a relationship with your business and who is prepared to shout it out.

You know having LOTS of customers who actively promote your business to friends, family and online is the most effective marketing tool available.

You’re aware that the business with the most promoters is the strongest – and by strongest you mean, the largest sustainable and growing profit.

So, are your regulars raving about your business? Are they telling others about your great hospitality and consistently great food? Are they bonded to your business or are they temporarily loyal to your Tuesday discount?

What about the fleeting tourist, is she promoting your business?

We’re talking more than mere customer loyalty but customer promoters – the fans who do your marketing for you.

How many do you have … and is that number growing?

Yes – we’re asking for the actual precise number!

We’re asking, because we know it’s critical for you to know.

Customer promoter numbers drive business growth, and without knowing the numbers how can you effectively improve them?

Please don’t refer to your P&L or your POS BI for hypothetical numbers – they aren’t the full story. You can’t prove that you’re increasing your customer promoter base just because you’ve already surpassed your November 2017 profit by 30%. Indeed, you could be drifting out to sea on a rip of increasing customer detractors – and still improve your November profit.

Not all profit is good profit.

How do you know there aren’t an increasing number of people actively discouraging others to support your business? Gut feeling?

We don’t measure our top-line by gut-feeling – we’re (quite rightly) obsessed with the accuracy of our financial numbers and we should be equally obsessed with the number of our customer promoters … and that’s why The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is becoming the fastest growing GLOBAL metric to measure customer advocacy.

According to Perceptive (Australasia’s leading technology-based research agency) New Zealand’s Hospitality Industry has a current benchmark Net Promoter Score of 14%. That means that when the percentage of detractors are subtracted from the percentage of promoters – we should be left with something like 14% as our ‘net’ customer promoter score … if we’re lucky.

So, fourteen percent is the state of the industry currently, although the number varies slightly if the business is a bar, café or restaurant.

That’s a hard benchmark for us to stomach … and anyway, ‘benchmarks’ have little value for the truly aspirational business owner and leader.

We know that a hospitality company can improve their NPS significantly – indeed we’ve been working with a small company, in a small American town (120 thousand), who has lifted their NPS as high as 86% … and yes, their annual turn-over reflects their NPS ($65m pa).

Our question is this …

How many hospitality businesses in New Zealand are actively measuring and working on their customer loyalty?

Not many … very few … we don’t know of any with a strong NPS culture.

Imagine if we did?

Imagine if we grew our NPS from 14% to 24% to 54% to 64%!

Imagine the state of New Zealand hospitality.

Imagine if you grew your NPS from 14% to 24% to 54% to 64%!

Imagine the state of your business.

Is it really a dream? Or is it perfectly possible – if we only started. It’s not that difficult to start and results can be rapid.

For this reason, The Hospitality Company strongly encourages that an active Net Promoter culture is fast-tracked in your business before summer. We’re focused on intensive teaching in this area for all our clients … and in six -months … let’s see the evidence that our customer promoter base is flourishing …

… you need to know … she loves you and she’s prepared to post her relationship status.

Get your whole team involved in the match.


* If you’re interested in developing the Net Promoter Score in your business, contact James and ask for our NPS Phase One document. 


November 2018 – James O’Connell