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Funding available for Business Coaching with The Hospitality Company

Apply asap, as funds are limited!


The Hospitality Company are registered providers through the Regional Business Partner Network which have just announced NEW COVID-19 funding.

The funding could cover Business Coaching over the next few months.

Here is your time to work ‘on’ your business while you can’t work ‘in’ it!

Use the next four weeks to make enormous progress with your business.  

This may be the only time Business Coaching is ever fully funded, and the good news is that once you are registered with the Regional Partners Network, you are likely to be eligible for 50% vouchers for our other services.

Here is what to do:          

ACT NOW – there are SIX quick steps with the Network.

Here is the LINK for all required Information:


Contact a Coach immediately for advice:

James O’Connell E|

Liz Perkins E|


This funding is applicable if you are an old coaching client OR a new coaching client. 

Sample eligibility criteria: Have fewer than 50 full time employees, registered for GST in New Zealand, (bar covid-19 closure) are you operating in a commercial environment; and are a privately owned business. You will be regionally located (not in a major city) and will be interviewed so that a Regional Partners Growth Advisor is satisfied that this support will be beneficial to the customer. 


HOW to get RPN Vouchers for Coaching …


  2. Within 48 hours, a Growth Advisor (GA) will contact you
  3. The GA will talk to you about your business aspirations and the challenges you are facing (they want to know their investment in your coaching will prove valuable to your business performance now & long-term)
  4. The GA may make some suggestions
  5. The GA will connect you with us for voucher allocation  
  6. A GA will check on your coaching progress



James M| 021 276 5909

Liz M| 027 445 4737