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Business Name: Monteith’s Alexandra

Owner: Liz Perkins 

The Hospitality Company services used: Four years of weekly Hospitality Business Coaching, 9 Managers have been participants on The Hospitality Management Academy, and Liz and Kitchen Manager Patty attended The Hospitality Leadership Workshop in Christchurch (2018).

Timeline: We started working with Liz in July 2014

The Story: Liz started weekly coaching after realizing that in order for her business to grow, she had to grow. Liz had owned and managed her business for 11 years. At the time she knew that coaching was a significant investment, but she needed to do something different. Liz contacted The Hospitality Company after attending an online webinar the company delivered through RANZ.

Liz, at the time, was the owner but also full time in the kitchen. She needed to slowly change her approach from, “if I just keep working hard then things will improve” to a strategic and planned approach to her business.

To free up more time, The Hospitality Company helped Liz to implement excellent management and operational systems. Her newly discovered ‘time’ enabled her to lead her team and create a disciplined and structured approach to marketing and sales.

In 2017 Liz was no longer on the roster, she started a new business and had significant time away from her business.

Financial Results: Here are Liz’s financial results for the previous four years.

This graph shows her increase in Turnover of the last four years:

This graph shows her decrease in COGS as a percentage of turnover:

This graph shows her increase in Net Profit over the last four years:

Liz now owns a highly profitable and systemized hospitality business. She has attracted and built an amazing team of managers (who are excellent leaders) who lead an outstanding team of hospitality professionals.

Liz and Monteith’s are a real-world example of a business that looked in the mirror and said: “We want to get better.”

Liz sums up this case study best:

“With the help of The Hospitality Company, we’ve had a 220% increase in our net profit. I’ve gone from 50 hours a week cooking to 15 hours a week as a Leader.”

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UPDATE – Liz sold her business in June 2019 for 5 times more than she paid for it.

She is mortgage free and loves to travel.