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Is stock management an issue in your business? Have you tried and failed to create a time-efficient stocktaking system that gives you real-time results they are easy to track?

Loaded Reports is the ideal system for your whole team to learn, build and operate. Liz Perkins has used Loaded Stock to manage her own businesses stock over the past four years to reduce her COGS from 38% down to 29%. Learn step by step how to build your stock management system and get the information you and your team need to reduce your costs and increase your profits.

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Who's it for?

  • Business Owners
  • General Managers
  • Cafe, Bar and Restaurant Managers
  • Kitchen Managers & Head Chefs
  • Supervisors
  • Future leaders

Topics covered:

  • Build your stock list
  • Create recipes with accurate costings
  • Link your plated dishes to you POS
  • Ordering
  • Receiving and crediting


The course is $25 ex gst.

Optional extras:

Once you have completed the course please feel free to contact Liz at for some one on one coaching specifically on Loaded Reports and your COGS Management.

“Liz’s Loaded Stock Module course gave us the knowledge to focus in on our food costs. Just having the visibility of individual menu costings has enabled us to reduce our food costs by 3 percentage points. In addition, using her business as a successful working model made it so more practical. The course is a ‘must do’ for anyone wanting to reduce their cost-of-goods.”
Jason, Procope
The Loaded Stock course is superb! I spent many hours toiling away last year, figuring it out for myself; this course condenses everything you need to know into one hour! It’s now more effective (and time-saving) to have our managers watch and go through the video course than for me teach them, and I have full confidence once completed they’ll be able to launch straight into it.
It’s conclusive, informative, to the point and it’s a must for anyone wishing to use Loaded.
Dean, Mr Gos', Wellington
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