Immersion Workshop 2018-09-14T10:49:35+13:00

Learn how to implement The Hospitality Company’s ‘Hospitality Business Architecture’ in a LIVE business setting.

Two 5-hour days & Two 1-hour follow up Skype sessions

On location – Monteith’s Brewery Bar Alexandra with Hospitality Coach and Business Owner Liz Perkins

Loaded Reports – Business Intelligence

  • Learn how to build a ‘total stock control system’ that will allow you to monitor, control and influence your COGS in real time and with accuracy.
  • Reduce everyone’s stress around COGS reduction.
  • Experience ‘reality’ with the ‘Monteith’s Alex Family’ and watch the model in motion.
  • Talk and learn from the people who work the system every day.

Jolt Up – Operations System.

  • Design best practice, enhance efficiency, reduce mistakes, smooth line training and assist with complying with the ‘Food Safety Plan’ and ‘Health and Safety’ requirements.
  • Create more time and enjoyment for your team; equip them with the power to create and implement great business systems.

Leadership and Communication.

  • Be part of our CAPS (communication and planning session) and experience effective strategic planning and team communication.
  • Talk with our leaders, watch them operate, and witness the importance of developing leadership skills.
  • Witness real people who aspire towards Level 5 leadership.
  • Learn about ‘Performance Incentivised Programmes’, how they work, and how they drive productivity and improve work-place culture.

Marketing, Sales and Fulfilment. (MSF)

  • Come and see what MSF looks like in a business that has been practising MSF as a ‘systemised program’ for four years.
  • Come and see what MSF looks like on a daily, weekly and yearly basis, and how YOU can build, refine, and mature your own MSF program with the help of your team.

Immersion Pricing:

  • $1500 + GST
  • $500 + GST per additional attendee
  • We recommend you bring your key people/decision makers/leaders. The post-immersion success rate for implementing systems correctly, and quickly, are far better when there is a team approach.
  • To ensure session booking, payment is required two weeks prior to your session.


  • Two consecutive 5 -hour days
  • Meals and tea/coffee provided
  • Day 1 start time is flexible depending on your arrival time.
  • Day 2 will start at 9am to ensure you are involved in the important practical elements of our systems.

Travel time

  • Queenstown Airport is one-and-half-hours (on a slow day) from Alexandra and one of the more picturesque drives in New Zealand.
  • We do business in a special area, so try and take the time to enjoy the wonders of Central Otago.
  • If you are travelling during winter months, we recommend you fly with Air New Zealand, as they have a better landing rate in ‘weather’ and fewer cancellations.
  • Dunedin Airport is two-hours away. Flights are not as time friendly.


  • We have a great relationship with several local motels, and can recommend several that are within walking distance from Monteith’s.

You will need to complete a pre-immersion questionnaire.

From there, you will be sent homework in preparation for your immersion and to ensure you maximise the value of your experience.

Please email us for 2018 dates.

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