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5 Things to do if you want to create a winning sales culture in your business

Last week Mrs Hospitality Company revealed the usual state of affairs in most of the Bar/Restaurants across the country. Almost ALL Hospitality businesses in New Zealand are under-selling. In a sense this is great news. Despite the growing Tourism Industry, and the resulting growth in the profit margins of some well-located businesses, we have another enormous source of immediate growth.

If the term ‘selling system’ still sends shivers down your spine – you are probably old-school … which is fine as long as you are comfortable with your ‘old-school’ profit margin. There has never been a better time to embrace a selling system in your business, because selling approaches have become increasingly creative, individualised and thoughtful. Gone are the slickly pre-prepared selling one-liners from obedient and pressured employees; now selling systems can be customer focused, beneficial to employees and conducive to the hospitable atmosphere that is so critical to your vision.

For years now I have been quoted in newspapers, and industry focused magazines, claiming that in Hospitality, ‘one of the biggest costs is not selling to our customers.’ I stand by the observation I made years ago and stress its relevance now. My conviction comes from working with several businesses and helping them to successfully create, and action, a selling system that suits them. The results are immediate and positive.

Here are FIVE things for you to immediately consider:

  1. Create and implement a Selling System.
  2. Create and implement a Performance Incentive Programme (PIP).
  3. Create a ‘hospitality’ culture where you take care of guests NOT a service culture where you merely ‘serve’ customers.
  4. Share your numbers so the ENTIRE team can see the results. A winning sales team only know if they are winning if they know the score.
  5. Make ‘sales’ an essential skill and ensure that you take responsibility for sales training just like you would for health and safety, service skills and bar knowledge.

Still got some residual prejudices? Check out the businesses that you know have a proven record of recent and significant growth … there you will find some form of a selling system. If you have a selling system is it working at optimal level?

Spotted in the weekend, Craft Monteith’s – The Octogon, Dunedin using a gentle, but rewarding, selling system with drinks– well done Craft. A wee heads-up though, our party was not offered any food … but you’re heading in the right direction – and the heating outside was excellent.

We are on the look out! How is your business making the most of every selling opportunity?

If you would like any support creating, implementing, or improving a selling system we have some inexpensive options for you – no matter how small or large your business. Go to our Contacts Us page and I will provide you with some additional information.

23/02/2016 Mr Hospitality