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To inspire and provide hospitality business owners and managers with an excellent understanding of the 21st Century sales process by describing the systems followed by some of the highest performing hospitality businesses in the world.

Only real case studies, real numbers and real solutions are discussed; all real national and international examples provided are hospitality specific.

The workshop focuses on the topic of sales, as of 2020; the latest hospitality evidence and examples of success in a fast-changing world.

ONE Day Workshop

Tuesday Feb 11th, 2020

09:00AM to 04:30PM

18A Dorset Street

Christchurch, City

Our Favourite Participants: This workshop is a customised experience and does not exceed TEN participants. The best participants are hospitality owners, managers or potential managers. The workshop is full of information, requires enthusiasm and will often involve a follow-up on-site visit. No represented hospitality business is too large, small, old or young to gain a great deal from this workshop.

Our Deliverables:

  • A clear answer to the question, do restaurants, cafés and bars represent the least productive industry in NZ? Why?

  • What are the average numbers and the best numbers in NZ?

  • How to measure ‘productivity’ the right way, and what numbers can be changed quickly.

  • How to drive and manage your numbers increasingly successfully.

  • How good can it get?

  • Why is a successful 2020 selling system different from 2010?

  • How your leadership makes an enormous difference

  • FIVE things (that you aren’t doing right now) that you can do right now to increase sales

  • FIVE things (that you aren’t doing right now) that you can do for a sustained increase in sales

  • How to make your business more professional and profitable

  • Clear action steps to take

Our Trainer/s: Your trainer/s, has recent first-hand knowledge of many exciting national and international hospitality businesses, as well as leading change in the NZ corporate space on the issue of customer experience and sales. You’ll will be surprised by the local/international and cross-industry connections made in the workshop, but with a long history of application specifically in restaurants, cafes and bars.

For Managers: Following the workshop, a customised letter of commendation, summarising your specific participation and workshop content will be provided in PDF format.

For Owners: Following the workshop, you are entitled to a free advisory/discussion call on the issues that arise in the workshop.

Presentation: The workshop will take place at the premises of The Hospitality Company, which includes comfortable amenities and home-style hospitality. The material is highly structured, but encourages questions, discussion and interaction.

Price: $350 per person (incl gst)

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