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Vision – ‘Visioning’ your Hospitality business is more comprehensive and thoughtful than well-communicated Vision, Mission & Values statements. It’s about designing a clear picture of what success looks like; it’s a clear descriptor of your destination. We don’t limit our visioning to immediate financial success, but sustainable financial growth and positive results for employees & the wider community. Your business vision will need to be strategically solid, inspiring, well-documented and well-communicated. Visioning your business is a long-term large-scale visioning project that you have agreed to pursue. When you and your team understand the purpose of your substantial business vision – small visioning projects and personal visioning becomes more likely to be widely practiced.


Here is Part One of a resource designed to help you create the founding documents for your hospitality company.

1. Part One – Mission & Vision Creation – HBA Online

Also, we have a Mission Creation Group Strategy Activity if you’re building your mission statement with your team for the first time.

Mission Creation – Group Strategy Activity – HBA Online

This is Ari Weinweig (one of the Co-Founders from Zingermans) talking about the approach and power of Visioning.