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Why Hospitality Business Architecture?

A business is a lot like a work of art or architecture.

The most effective, engaging and beautiful forms of art-making are an expression of our creative personality – which include our thoughts, emotions and desires. We all know what a business feels like when creative personality is under-developed – it is a shallow experience that does not inspire us to return or compel us to invest further.

One-way-or-the-other we are all trying to capture an honest expression of the Golden Rule. We want others to enjoy and appreciate what we create.

There is another element to great art and architecture that may be the very source of its beauty and success – and that’s it’s profound and intentional order. Even a Jackson Pollock painting is dripped and slashed with the building blocks of composition in mind –  the visual elements of line, shape, tone, colour, pattern and form. Behind our greatest buildings and works of art are a surprising amount of process and ordered numbers … and it is the order that allows personal expression to soar. The results may be as radically different as Gaudi to Frank Lloyd Wright, but the process is critical for creative expression and sound construction.

In a sense, we are all trying to capture a true expression of the Golden Ratio. The numbers and process demand balance.

Like art and architecture, business is about the intentional communication of an experience. While art and architecture may hold much of its value just by ‘being’ –  Business has the added burden of turning a profit.

We believe that good and sustainable profit in business is delivered by many of the same sorts of principles that deliver great art and architecture – and this is especially clear in the Hospitality Industry.

The key is compositional order and creative personality – the first liberates the second.

Hospitality Business Architecture provides the industry with the key elements of the order required for a superior and intentional expression of experience.