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I love my stepson dearly, but the 2018 fidget spinning phase just about did my head in.

The fidget spinner has the same impact on me as the team-meeting that attempts to address a complicated challenge with immediate action and no meta-strategy. I know full well, the meeting time is wasting away. I tend to ‘fake prayer’ when I’m really napping.

Almost all attempts to address guest experience without any recruitment strategy falls into this category. We can micro-manage ad nauseum about guest experience, but if we haven’t understood that guest experience is a deep business strategy, and that the right team of people in the first place is 100% necessary, we are all treading water and that’s just exhausting.

In order for the 21 st Century guest experience to work, (and I mean the sort of consistent wow moments that create fans who then go out and promote your business) you need great people who consistently love working with one-another.

If you don’t have a strong work-place culture, a wonderful guest experience is impossible.

Every week I walk into a hospitality business where the tension amongst the team is like fingernails down a blackboard. The team does not appear to understand that the guest feels the tension the moment they walk in, even when greeted with a smile … through gritted FOH teeth. Including BOH in the guest experience is smart, but boy … it better be clear they adore their FOH team. The guest experience is a reflection of everyone involved, not just one talented individual.

Nor is guest experience merely excellent FOH training, it is a deep business strategy that carries implications for every element within the business. Guest experience is thoroughly practical, completely strategic, and if you don’t have the heart for it … then the hospitality industry is not for you … nor is any sort of business probably.

The good news is that, if you are interested in people, guest experience strategy is a lot of fun, the impact on personal growth is always significant, and there are plenty of proven strategies that work.

Think about the last time a hospitality experience made you feel important. Think about the last time a hospitality experience was so touching that you really wanted that business to thrive, and you told everyone about your experience. It’s rare isn’t it!

You can’t afford for a wonderful guest experience to be rare.

The 21 st Century consumer decides on experience and relationship. If you want to improve your performance, wherever you are in the business hierarchy, then the Guest Experience Workshop is for you.

Let’s learn how to make it happen, from those who have made it happen.

I look forward to seeing you at my favourite flagship Guest Experience Workshop!

Alexis O’Connell