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The Hospitality Owners Academy

Who is THOA for?

  • Owners of single, or multiple, hospitality enterprises, accommodation providers & tourism operators with a hospitality or food & beverage component.
  • Start-ups and the very experienced
  • Hospitality employees who are wanting to start their own business in the near future
  • The successful and those who are struggling

What will I learn in the 24 weeks?

 Participants are expected to achieve the following at the completion of the 24 week course:

  • COMPLETE an excellent updated Business Plan & an updated website
  • Understand and IMPLEMENT the core features of a successful business
  • Understand the best way to approach staffing
  • Set specific goals and be well on the way to achieving them
  • Understand small business financial systems and routinely practice them
  • Increased financial literacy and use for FUTURE business development
  • Activate an excellent Sales, Marketing and Fulfilment strategy and create a system for analysis
  • Complete a Full systems audit and begin to re-engineer more efficient and productive systems
  • Understand and be encouraged to further develop ‘Level 5’ Leadership skills
  • Develop further communication skills and how to build your management team
  • Understand how to attract/select and induct great management
  • Be encouraged to set goals/plan and implement business and career aspirations
  • Understand the impact that technology can have on turn-over/efficiency and employee energy levels
  • Understand how important it is to contribute to the personal development of all employees
  • Understand the moral responsibilities of all business and practical ways in which business should contribute to the community
  • How to better utilise KPIs and Benchmarks
  • Business Report writing – why it’s important and how it can be done quickly


Will the ‘live’ webinars be recorded?

Yes! All the webinars will be recorded and readily available if you are unable to make the time or you want to listen again.

What is ‘The Client Network’ that I’ll get to join?

The Client Network is based on a private FB page – where there are daily conversations, postings, and visits organised.

What direct support can I get over the 24 weeks

James and Alexis are fully available during the 24 weeks for questions, enquiries and back-up; sometimes extra support is needed in order to ensure that everyone is making the practical progress required by the course. Everyone should expect pastoral calls. Every participant will have an hour signing-off accountability session with James at the end of the course.

How much does it cost?

$1250 +GST for the whole 24 weeks. There are no extra hidden costs.

Some enterprises may qualify to have up to 50% of their course costs paid through the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Regional Partners Network Voucher Scheme. Contact Alexis if you would like more information on the voucher scheme.