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The Financial Control Systems Workshop 2020-09-21T07:12:27+13:00

Start the 2020 – 2021 financial year with a day dedicated to building the financial structures of your hospitality business.

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One BIG finance day, of systematic order, best practice and practical application.

Here is where many ‘aha’ moments will be found, and several occasions to discuss the challenges, plot an immediate response and go home with the answers. 

It doesn’t matter how long you have been running a hospitality business this will be a significant day.

The ‘Finance Control’ day is intense. A maximum of twelve owners together, with an emphasis on applying financial best practice to real numbers, and to your real business.

Challenging? You bet … but also very exciting!   

Liz has been through this tough journey herself, and is a real industry success story. She now teaches what turned her business around, and how she built a hospitality business with an annual net profit of 18%.    

This workshop has a specific focus on Loaded Reports and Xero software.

Our Deliverables


  • Benchmarking – best practice      
  • Financial Reporting – best practice 
  • Performance incentivised programmes – best practice
  • Cash Flow – best practice 
  • Financial Mastery 


  • Profit & Loss analysis   
  • COGs Calculations   
  • Wages; ops v management
  • Marketing Cost calculation
  • Owner & Staff meal cost calculation
  • Measuring sales stats  

Catering on the day will be provided

Who's this for?

All hard-working hospitality business owners, CEOs and CFOs who want to hear more about what best practice should look like in the context of a hospitality business.

All hard-working owners, CEOs and CFOs who are prepared to challenge the way they have always done ‘finance’ and to look at their systems with fresh eyes.   

Previous Attendee Feedback

" Thank you so much for the training day.  It definitely confirmed a lot of what I have been working on and has given me great points to tweak and refine going forward so I found it hugely beneficial." - Katherine

"Liz, Thanks so much for what you provided for us, it was great to see that this is actually achievable - loved your presentation, loved the practical tips." - Andrea