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The Customer (Guest) Experience Workshop 2020-09-21T05:10:58+13:00

We can’t imagine any other workshop that will make such a significant impact on your Front of House teams as this one – and we’ve been doing this for decades!

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Fully incorporating super expensive training straight from New York and other hospitality hot spots, this well-rehearsed, developed and implemented workshop is a showstopper.

The workshop is the heart of hospitality right now in the 21st Century. Presenting all the latest discourse and strategy. If your FOH team-member isn’t impacted – then they probably shouldn’t be in hospitality.      

Our mission is to positively impact your top and bottom line as quickly as possible, and everything we teach has that frame of reference. We want fast financial results and improved employee and guest experience – right now.

Do not be under any illusion that this is small stuff, your team will be treated like they have the minds and the energy to perform at the highest level and carve the brightest career that they can’t even imagine yet.

Super importantly, your team will understand what a fantastic opportunity they really have working for you.   


Our Deliverables


  • A thorough and international explanation about why everyone is talking about ‘guest’ experience    
  • A thorough explanation for the shift from ‘service’ and ‘selling systems’ to hospitality
  • A detailed and first-hand description of leading international hospitality players, and what has made a shocking difference to FOH experience
  • A thorough explanation for why YOU as a FOH team-member has a future in hospitality
  • A thorough explanation of what is already happening in NZ     


  • What has workplace culture got to do with guest experience and why you matter
  • Modelling the ultimate guest experience that is low effort, low cost and high in return on investment (personally and professionally) 
  • The KEY elements that help deliver a great guest experience, and it’s not what you think!       


  • What sort of behaviour and workplace habits you need to demonstrate. Here are some BIG tips.  

Who's this for?

This workshop is a fantastic treat for ALL promising FOH staff – high impact and long lasting. Our recommendation is to send multiple team-members, because one ‘fired-up’ employee can sometimes lead to frustration.  

Previous Attendee Feedback

"Great presentation with practical information that can have a direct impact on the business." - Selena

"Very informative, very personal and detailed training." George

"It is an invaluableand previously unexperienced optimism about this industry. It create excitement about the industy in me. " Oliver