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Covid-19 at home Hospitality Course 2020-09-27T22:11:42+13:00

Part of the Covid-19 Hospitality School - this short course is the ultimate full-team hospitality business learning available online. The course is hospitality business specific, Kiwi specific and presented from within the context of the covid-19 lock down. Designed to unite teams while they are apart, to ignite and excite your team for re-opening and to know how to prioritise action for rapid success.

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The course is presented LIVE and consists of FIVE (one hour) sessions over THREE weeks. In between each session there is an option for each business leader to discuss further material with their team.

During a time when anything based on normality feels irrelevant, this short-course focuses on hospitality business principles that are timeless and relevant to every team member.

Enormously extend the business acumen and productivity of every team member for a time when productivity is more important than it has ever been before.

Do not be under any illusion that this is small stuff, your team will be treated like they have the minds and the energy to perform at the highest level and carve the brightest career - even during a time that feels foreboding.

The course is structured in such a way that encourages in-between class communication as a business, and offers clear personal and business tasks that can be completed even while in lock down.

Re-start knowing what to do. Plan ahead with your team, and stay connected with your business.


Our Deliverables


  • What possible challenges the business will face on re-opening 
  • A thorough and international explanation about core hospitality business principles, and how to prioritise action as a team   
  • What sort of action and people productivity has saved businesses in the past  
  • Why personally helping a business to survive is the most powerful information on a CV ... for any job, in any industry
  • What to do? Action Templates/Team Activities & Planning Tools for rapid financial recovery    



  • What has workplace culture got to do with rapid success? 
  • Modelling the ultimate guest experience post covid-19
  • Dealing with a changing guest demographic 
  • Driving sales, and marketing in the context of covid-19  


  • What surprising sorts of behaviour and workplace habits you need to exhibit for a strong work-place culture 
  • How to collectively banish fear from the work-place
  • How to turn your personality into meaningful productivity and feelings of instant achievement    

Who's this for?

This short-course is for the WHOLE team. The ultimate preparation for lock down release - and stimulating and interesting while at home!