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Covid-19 at home Leadership Course 2020-09-21T06:11:04+13:00

Part of the Covid-19 Hospitality School - this short course is based on The Hospitality Company's well-known success with hospitality specific leadership. The course is about the real impact of the lock-down and how all hospitality leaders can use this time to take their leadership to the next level. Leadership in real time – for business, finance and for personal use. Leadership during & after a pandemic. Be ready for re-opening; this is the opportunity to break bad habits and perfect productivity.

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The course is presented LIVE and consists of FIVE (one hour) sessions over THREE weeks. In between each session there is an option for each business leader to discuss further material with their leadership team.

There will be no shying away from the BIG industry questions. The issues will be presented square on. Good leaders in any industry learn how to keep their heads above water.

How can hospitality leaders grow during a period of global meltdown and lead through a period when the entire industry is suffering massive losses?

What leadership issues stay the same, and what is different?

How can the business become as productive as possible, and as quickly as possible? How can we pivot quickly as a business when faced with such rapidly changing circumstances?

Invest in your team while they are not preoccupied by the daily tasks of work and managing people.

Our Deliverables


  • The Covid-19 challenge - what has changed and what has stayed the same?
  • The macro-business environment
  • Hospitality leadership as a 21st century business (and personal) strategy
  • What will make a difference? What will not make a difference?
  • How to be a strategy-based leader
  • How to develop and measure leadership development


  • Re-opening leadership & during a recession
  • How to take fear out of the work space
  • How to be a transparent and hope-based leader
  • How to prioritise ACTION correctly


  • Who do I have to be, and what do I have to do better? Where do I start?
  • How do I ensure personal and team productivity
  • Why I should care about leadership productivity

Who's this for?

All leaders in the hospitality industry. Owners, CEOs, GMs, managers & managerial hopefuls – all those in the industry who are curiously intelligent and exude some optimistic warmth.