The Hospitality Management Course 2020-04-09T03:10:26+13:00

Ensure your middle and senior managers have an outstanding understanding of their role and their relationship with the systems in the business. Take your managers deeper into hospitality business systems, building further competency and enthusiasm for the business.

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    3 weeks, Tue & Thu 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Online LIVE - Webinar Series
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    Session 1
    Tue 19 May 14:00 - Tue 19 May 15:00
    Online LIVE - Webinar Series
    Session 2
    Tue 26 May 14:00 - Tue 26 May 15:00
    Online LIVE - Webinar Series
    Session 3
    Tue 02 Jun 14:00 - Tue 02 Jun 15:00
    Online LIVE - Webinar Series
    • $25.00 excl. GST
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Low-cost/high-impact management training specifically targeted towards management in hospitality.

The training course is designed by a ‘veteran’ (sorry James) of the industry, who has spent 20-years training hospitality managers into a higher and more productive expression of management.

Let’s not complicate effective management but make it clear and simple and easy to achieve.

For the manager, the most significant barrier to fast-tracking increased efficiency is a lack of systems and structures in the business.

This pricing is per business so you can learn as a TEAM

Our Deliverables

  • Why a lack of high-status management in the hospitality industry is directly impacting profitability
  • What a high performing manager looks like
  • How managers can make better decisions
  • How to manage your time better; and fast-track your objectives and action steps
  • How to lead the team with better systems

Who's this for?

For, managers who are wanting to develop & improve systems within their business.