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The Business ‘Best Practice’ Workshop 2020-09-21T07:12:27+13:00

Designed as THE definitive guide for hospitality owners to build, or re-align their business into a financial power horse, this workshop is 100% numbers-driven.

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Attendees will explore sound business principles, and compare their own practice; step-by-step in order to structure an increasingly confident and successful approach.

Most hospitality owners feel like they are drowning in at least one area of finance. This workshop provides the opportunity to step outside the whirl - and think about which numbers make a difference, and how to structure a plan of attack. 

Let's break it all down and aim at the aspects that matter.

You will leave this workshop with a clear direction of where to take your business before the end of the financial year. Then you can lead confidently, knowing exactly where you are going.

Who's this for?

Hospitality business owners who are curiously intelligent and still have an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Our Deliverables

What are the 'best practice' numbers in the industry right now? 

What are the key strategies and systems to improve your numbers?

Create a financial plan that will increase your top and bottom-line.

Why is 2020 'Hospitality Marketing' so different, and why it's NOT all about Social Media! 

How to systemise your business for improved performance today, and how to make it valuable for sale. 

Understand the best way to attract, train and retain talent in your business. 

Your trainer will help you create a road-map that will set you up for success in the weeks that follow the workshop.

This workshop is VERY limited in numbers due to the intensity of task - get in quickly, and get a head start on the competition.