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Our Annual Plan and MSF Strategy are designed to help owners and managers create, document, and communicate a definitive plan for the financial year.

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Business research and commentary are clear, a good annual plan has an enormous impact on a business's profitability, (often an increase of 150%). 

In this online course, you'll receive two templates, with step-by-step instructions to ensure you start the year with a plan. 

Three one hour sessions and you will know what to do! We talk you through the process,  provide you with examples, and alert you to common mistakes and helpful tips. Our guidelines make planning easy and fun.  

You will feel confident about the year ahead and you will have planned how to achieve growth. 



Our Deliverables

A clear description of an Annual Plan's purpose

A clear description of an MSF Strategy?  (MSF = Marketing, Sales & Fulfillment)

Reasons why a hospitality business should have a plan

The 10 steps to the Annual Plan process provided & described 

The steps of an MSF Strategy described and taught 

How to communicate your Annual Plan and MSF Strategy to your team

How to engage your Managers in the process

Who's this for?

Hospitality Owners

Hospitality Managers

Previous Attendee Feedback

"This step by step training has delivered an incredibly helpful and user friendly plan - finally I know how to approach MSF with a clear focus - the big bonus, it was the most affordable training we have done to date - Thank you so much!!"