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The Hospitality Leadership Workshop 2020-09-21T05:41:09+13:00

This workshop is about real life, real time practical leadership for the hospitality industry – we’re talking business and financial leadership, as well as relational and industry-wide leadership.

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The workshop is a BIG day that directly addresses BIG industry questions, from a trainer who likes to find answers that make a difference to daily experience. 

Good leaders in any industry learn how to keep their heads above water.

The hospitality industry contains its own special challenges, but without rising above the hectic pace, there is little intellectual energy to help shape the future of the business, and the future of the people in the business – and yet that is what good leaders must do.

How can hospitality leaders be professionally stimulated, committed to company growth and personally develop at the same time?

How can more money be made for everyone in a way that is sustainable and holistically rewarding? 

This workshop is a gift for the individual participant, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving once the participant returns to the business.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and a promising investment. 


Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided on the day.

Our Deliverables


  • The most significant challenges to industry and personal satisfaction identified   

  • The 21st century concept of customer experience identified 

  • The macro-business environment explained

  • Hospitality leadership as a 21st century business (and personal) strategy 

  • What makes a difference? What does not make a difference?

  • What makes money? What drives hospitality careers further?

  • How to respond as a leader

  • Management explained  

  • How to develop and measure leadership development


  • Leadership models simplified for real life (not just for theory) 

  • Modelling & practicing daily leadership of people – diverse people!


  • Who do I have to be, and what do I have to do better? Where do I start?

  • Who and how should I be recruiting?

Who's this for?

CEOs, GMs, managers & managerial hopefuls – all those in the industry who are curiously intelligent and exude optimistic warmth.    

Previous Attendee Feedback

"The course content and delivery were great and I will be sending more GTC staff along."

"Very good for my business. The trainers were great."