Tips on how to suppport staff with online training


Level 1

Short Courses

For Frontline Staff

Here at THC, we know how important it is that every member of the team is performing at their highest standard. These courses will instill your frontline staff with both the practical and leadership skills required for contributing to a successful business. 

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Level 2

Short Courses

For Owners, Managers & Team Leaders

Providing a sturdy foundation, these masterclasses will give you and your team the methods and knowledge to run a business that is financially savvy and cutting edge in its industry. 

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Level 3

Long Course (20 Lessons)

For Managers & Team Leaders

Time invested in your people is time invested in your business. This course transforms your team leaders into key assets, equipping them in the areas of communication, finance, and systems building.

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Level 4

Long Courses (20 Lessons)

For Owners & CEO's

An in-depth guide to "Best Practice" this course will enable you to achieve your short and long-term business goals. Focusing on profitability and fulfillment, as well as becoming a leader of an engaged team this course provides a road map to success.

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Online Courses

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