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Learn how to structure your COGS control system from START to FINISH. Build your stock program. Read and understand your variations and learn what to do to improve your overall net profit!
This course involves SIX one-hour online coaching sessions over 12 weeks. It’s designed for owners and managers who have completed the online Loaded Reports Stock Course and have some understanding of how to manage their business. It is my recommendation that you set a time that works each fortnight for you and your key leaders to learn together to maximize the benefits and speed up the implementation for your stock management system.

It’s essential that you have Loaded Reports connected to your POS and that you have done the Loaded Reports Stock course or had a two-day Immersion Course. If you haven’t already then you can purchase the Loaded Reports stock course by using this link ….

Topics covered:

  • Loaded Reports as a stock management tool.
  • Bring your team with you. Inducting and training stock management into your team.
  • Structuring your stocktakes
  • Stores layout and how to be time efficient in stocktaking
  • What your data tells you. Finding and fixing the leaks.
  • How to improve your COGS through understanding your sales mix  

The sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to these for 12 weeks following the training.

Hosted by Liz Perkins, Owner of Monteith’s Alexandra and Hospitality Business Educator with The Hospitality Company.

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