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Business Coaching has become extremely popular, especially with small-to-medium size business owners who cannot afford their own marketing, finance or strategy team.

Business Coaching is the answer for owners and managers who can’t wait to make immediate progress in an increasingly competitive environment.

The Hospitality Company’s business coaches are ‘Hospitality Industry’ experts, and they provide the fastest and most effective results. One of the first principles at THC is that all sums must tie-out; the sums must add up and there must be a return on investment. The same is true for any investment made in coaching. We track our own ROI in your business, and our standards are high.

Your Hospitality Coach will provide a one-size-fits-one relationship which is customised for you and your business. It is confidential and invested. While we use our Hospitality Business Architecture (H.B.A) Coaching System, your Coach will examine your ‘blind spot’ to notice the things you can’t, or don’t want to see.

We show you how to transform your business performance, step-by-step, while holding you accountable for action. Short or long-term – hospitality business coaching will lift your game. Give it ONE month and watch what happens!

The top THREE reasons to have a Hospitality Business Coach:

1. Experience

Your coach will have the practical and business experience to advise you on the best steps to take to grow your business. This experience includes a proven track record in building highly profitable and successful businesses, and from a Coach who is dealing with multiple businesses in your industry every week.

2 .Knowledge

Your coach will have the knowledge and the resources you need. They will teach you our H.B.A System and ensure that the knowledge you gain can be implemented quickly for immediate results.

3. Accountability

Even once you know WHAT to do, you’re still not doing it and you know it! You need someone to ask the question, “Did you … how did you go with … ?” We understand the pressure, but we’re also firm. We know what you want to achieve.

james at glass goose

Hospitality Business Coaching & Advisory with James – 

James has been coaching for 20 years, he enjoys coaching a variety of clients and specialises in advising hospitality groups and multi-site hospitality businesses. He’s a topic expert on business culture, leadership, marketing and sales. Have a chat to some of James’ past clients and/or ring for a free trial session.

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“I think Coco’s has always been a great restaurant, but it hasn’t always been a great business, and that was the goal. Through James, and The Hospitality Company we are well on our way to achieving this”.

Renee Coutler from Coco's - Auckland

Hospitality Business Coaching & Advisory with Liz – 

Liz works with small-to-medium sized businesses and she loves to run practical workshops across the country. She’s a topic expert on kitchen management, stock practices, systems and leadership. Liz is super popular because she is practical, affirming and she makes an immediate difference to employee experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

A coaching, or advisory, relationship is usually via online video conferencing, but we try to make at least one on-site visit, or more, depending on your location. Advisory sessions are when the client needs the help and support. Coaching sessions are weekly (45 minutes), on a set day at a set time, to create momentum. Your adviser or coach will be available, via phone or email, for any urgent questions or situations that need attention.

What am I committing to?

You are in control. While you are not committing yourself to any length of time, or contract, you ARE committing yourself to significant professional development. You will be expected to take the action in your business that you said you will take. If you are struggling to take action, it is important for you to discuss why you are finding it difficult, so you and your adviser/coach can work towards your business success. There are no hidden agreements, no obligation to continue further than what you decide is working well. A coach/client relationship often becomes one of friendship and certainly relies on mutual trust. You are committing yourself to open and honest communication with a real desire to improve your business.

How long should I receive these support services?

It’s completely up to you. You pay in monthly blocks and you decide. Most of our clients have long-term relationships with us, but others want specialist advice in a particular area. You should always ask yourself, “Am I receiving considerable value from the process?” The process will also include your numbers, is your relationship with The Hospitality Company resulting in a return on investment? If it is, well then it might make sense to continue coaching.