Pride of the South?

Southern pride is a thing … Speights may have inflated the “good on ya mate” character and humour of Central, but the understated warmth and humour captured by the Speights campaign still connects. Right here, in the Public Bar at the Ranfurly Hotel I can’t help but smile. There’s a large sign in black print [...]

Did you ‘set up shop’ before you built a business?

Ok, so your turn-over is not bad, maybe even good, but you’re still not making good money? A successful hospitality business is more than a shop that sells food and beverage. The decision to open a hospitality business is very exciting; especially when you’re creative and talented. You come up with a great idea, you [...]

Want to IMPROVE your PROFIT? Consider OBM.

Open Book Management (OBM) is about sharing business information with employees. It’s about creating a connection through a sense of ownership and responsibility from everyone on your team. For 20 years now, I’ve been highlighting the importance of OBM. For most of my clients it’s a challenging idea, because: They never experienced OBM in their [...]

Low turnover and high productivity are closely related

‘Equity’ refers to the value of your business and acts as a key value metric for your business. As the Industry faces employee shortages, it’s important to measure and improve your ‘employee equity.’ Two strong indicators of excellent ‘employee equity’ are low turnover and high productivity. The best hospitality businesses have low employee turnover rates [...]

Cheers to Whitney!

If you have been following my blogs over recent weeks, you will know that I’m a bit fired up. It’s all very well reading about best practice, studying theory and seeing the disconnect between the ideal and what is experienced, but to experience best practice first-hand in a sustained and powerful fashion is a different [...]

Feel like a hug?

To become and remain an ‘institution’ since 1994, in a market as competitive as New York, means that Gramercy Tavern must have ‘something’ special. The challenge is to remain a New York institution. Gramercy Tavern must ‘re-present’ every day to taste-buds, the moodiest of the senses, and irrespective of culture-vulture pedigree or lack of foodie-sophistication, [...]