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There is hospitality recovery … just watch us now

Another, and another favourite hospitality business bites the dust. We are told that it is all due to Covid-19, and we are told it is not Covid-19. We are told it is because of over-supply, industry-wide under-pricing, not clever enough branding, not possessing the ‘secret sauce’, the ‘one crucial step’. We are told it is [...]

Urgently seeking ‘Click & Collect’ hospitality

Click and collect sounds like a process dream, it sounds efficient.My mind goes straight to the character Gradgrind in Charles’ Dickens’ novel Hard Times. You don’t have to have read the novel to get my point. The name of the character and novel is enough. Google ‘Chapter 2 - Hard Times’ – and you’ll really [...]

RPN Funding Update

As the Hospitality industry faces huge challenges as we move to Level 3, we wanted to remind you about possible funding for Business Planning with The Hospitality Company via the Regional Partners Network. The Hospitality Company has been a service in the RPN for a number of years. We have supported a number of hospitality [...]

How do I effectively protect my team from racism?

This week 17-year-old Mia Griffiths has provided us all with an important gift. She bravely called out appalling racist customer behaviour. All the evidence suggests that Griffiths’ employer supported her immediately and comprehensively. For the rest of us, it is a timely reminder of employer responsibility and the steps that we must take before such [...]

More evidence for the defence – Open Book Management!

Back in June I asked, do you want to improve your profit? And I argued for the practice of Open Book Management (OBM). Here’s another reason for committing to OBM ... It’s August, and right now I’m sitting in the Michigan sun, watching the crowds enjoy their #488 Erin’s Evil Twins or #422 Eddie’s Big [...]

Come on, cafe owners…we want better for you.

Loving the spirited ‘café quality’ discussion prompted by Penny Flanagan and Sam Mannering this last week on Flanagan calls for New Zealand café’s to generally ‘do so much better’ critiquing diverse elements of her experience from wobbly tables to the, ‘order at the counter and take a number on a stick’ service model. These [...]