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Alexis O’Connell 2020-09-27T22:11:36+13:00

Alexis is a founding partner of The Hospitality Company. She juggles multiple roles, content specialist and trainer. She trains in the corporate and hospitality space. Her specialist areas are business theory and foundations, management structures, culture coordination, customer experience, and sales.

She is a researcher and teacher at heart; with an understanding of (and connections with) multiple high performing national and international companies. Alexis is even a trained teacher (although she hides it-promise) with a background in Education, management, and pedagogy.

She's the loving parent to five millennials/Gen Z people, but she's a boomer - biologically Gen X with her mind firmly set in the future.

Feedback on Alexis:

Alexis was a great speaker with true passion for hospitality which made it very easy to follow.

Loved this course - by far the BEST training I have attended so far. Content was relevant and Alexis was both engaging and informative.  I will recommend this to not only work peers, but friends outside of Toyota who are in similar industries - it was that good!  

I just want to say that Alexis is an incredible teacher who was such a pleasure to be around.  I look forward to the next time we meet.  I have also had my meeting with my manager, and he was very open to what I said.

Thank you for this course. I believe that I have learnt more from this course that any of others I have attended in the 20+ years that I have been in sales.

Hi Alexis, I wanted to flick through an email expressing how much we appreciated your time on Monday. From talking with other managers, we all left inspired to be better than ever and the best in our fields, a very valuable workshop.