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The Hospitality Industry is rife with Supervisors who have been called Managers … which is a serious problem for EVERYONE involved.

 Here is a quick quiz to identify whether you have a serious problem:

 Q: Is your ‘manager’ financially literate enough to know & understand your Profit & Loss Statement?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ actually analysing your P&L with you every month and acting accordingly?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ clear on why they are working for you and what they are trying to achieve personally?

Q: Does your ‘manager’ have enough business acumen to easily describe ALL the systems within your business for which they are directly responsible?

Q: Have you given your ‘manager’ any responsibility for analysing the effectiveness of any systems within your business?

Q: Does your ‘manager’ understand how your business is performing financially?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ familiar enough with your Sales & Marketing systems to be able to help you innovate and refine the business’s approach to ensure you are always finding your target market?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ actively looking into ways to accelerate business growth through a better use of available technology?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ actively engaged in ways for your business to become increasingly environmentally sustainable and connected to your community?

Q: Is your ‘manager’ actively thinking and acting for the performance of your business in the future?


Then you have a Supervisor that you unfairly call a Manager. You also have a BIG problem.

If your ‘manager’ isn’t doing these things, or at least sharing the responsibility of these things, who IS doing it? You? If that’s the case – you’re stuffed. No owner can effectively be a full time manager and look after the visionary, or entrepreneurial aspects of your business … you’re on a mouse wheel going no-where and with no ability to jump off and take a trip to Fiji for some R&R … in fact it’s unlikely you are even reading this blog, because you don’t have the time.

The other tragic side to this story is your so-called manager’s experience. If they don’t have the opportunity to develop the sort of skills suggested in the quiz above, then they have just submitted to what Michael E. Gerber calls ‘The Manager’s Trap’. A manager can work really hard trying to serve YOUR purpose for a very short period of time, but eventually they will be left wondering; Who am I? Where am I? What happened? They will leave, or worse, stay in a state of unproductive resentment.

A Supervisor is a transitory worker who isn’t really interested in ‘Business’ and just wants to earn a bit of cash and ‘find themselves’ elsewhere as soon as possible.

Managers have a strong and well-planned vision for themselves which they have deliberately aligned with your own.

In other words, serving your vision also helps managers achieve their own. They understand that they are working in a BUSINESS and that they are employed by you to make a difference to the things that really matter … and ultimately what matters in a business is making money; unless you are running a not-for-profit … deliberately.

An employee who is actually a Manager has, bar you, the most IMMEDIATE impact on the economic value of your business. Has your Manager made a significant difference to your bottom line? Not really? Then you have a Supervisor on your pay roll … poor them, and poor you.

Who is ultimately responsible? Whose business is it? You’d better suspend your ridiculous amount of managerial responsibilities and sort your organisational strategy –  otherwise you’re on a short trip to the slough of despond.


29/04/16 Mrs Hospitality


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