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Our purpose is to grow productive Hospitality businesses. We admire the level of creativity and commitment in the industry and we want to see a deep and broad level of business success.

We know owners and managers often struggle because they don’t have a clear strategy or a great deal of time. All our work is based on what we have seen in the world’s best hospitality businesses, and all our content and methodology is designed to save you time and money. We only teach what we know leads to superior results.

Like all dedicated business owners and managers in the Hospitality industry, we want happy employees, happy customers, and growing businesses that are genuinely committed to making a difference. Our job is to make our industry more rewarding from every angle.

Building great hospitality businesses is what we do. We can help you.


The Hospitality Company got its new name in 2014, but the company was born 20-years ago when James started coaching and consulting to the hospitality industry in New Zealand.

James’ became a popular business coach and consultant to owners across New Zealand and Australia, and his determination to travel the globe in search of best practice has created a unique approach we now call Hospitality Business Architecture (H.B.A).

In 2014, James and Alexis joined forces as husband and wife, and business partners, to re-brand as The Hospitality Company. The vision was to help larger numbers of Hospitality business owners and managers at a much lower cost. In 2015 the company began delivering online courses while still working one-on-one with business owners. In 2017 the company began delivering popular workshops and training, then in 2018, The Hospitality Company started H.B.A Online – a Membership Site that enables Hospitality creatives from all over the world access our content, resources and tools.

Liz Perkins joined the team in 2017. Liz has been a stellar example of community commitment, leadership development and she personifies implementation and discipline. Liz now supports owners and managers with her wealth of operational knowledge.

The Hospitality Company has an international outlook while remaining profoundly Kiwi. As Kiwi’s, we have an enormous amount to give and we like nothing better than sharing expertise with outstanding hospitality stars in other countries. We are always looking for the sort of business practice that changes lives and develops a thriving culture.

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