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Welcome to The Hospitality Leadership Academy!

The Academy is learning for the now and the future; it’s about learning for yourself and for the benefit of the business in which you work. It’s also about developing excellent communication between you and your employer.

The Academy is a full Professional Development course, and a full Performance Coaching Programme, in the context of busy work without skimping on depth and breadth. It is the most comprehensive PD available for managers and supervisors in the business of hospitality.

There will be moments that you will find challenging, but only the sort that is rewarding. It’s okay to be a little apprehensive when you commit yourself to something significant, but there is no need to be worried; you are in good care. You’re a busy person already and we know that committing to 24 weeks of education and practical application is a BIG deal. We aim to deliver the course to you with as little stress to you as possible. This is the beauty of hospocentral, all that you need to access will be right here, but it is not a faceless membership site, there are real people here for you.

Your first introductory webinar STARTS on Wednesday September 7th with James O’Connell from 9am-9.45am.This first webinar will be LIVE, with the following webinars recorded so you can watch and listen at a time that works for YOU.

While there are a wide range of positions represented on this course, all participants have managerial or supervisory responsibilities in the business of hospitality, and your employer believes your current talents and expertise are worth encouraging. The Academy seeks to encourage you and help you for work and life.

We believe the Hospitality, Accommodation and Tourism sectors, all those who are in the business of hospitality, are pickled in talent that just needs to be nurtured. We are entering a period of business optimism and growth; our job is the make sure you are in the best position to make the most of this exciting time.

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure you get the most out of this course.

  1. Get organised. Create a folder for all your work. Some of you are quite happy to do all your work on-screen; create a Hospitality Leadership Academy folder. Download your Task Sheets each fortnight and complete your work directly into those documents.
  2. Get reading … like now! If you achieve nothing else, but a life-long business reading habit – then we have triggered a habit that will open more and more doors over the years. Your life will be transformed. Behind every successful person, is a learner who reads – and who has learnt to read a lot for pleasure.
  3. It is really important to keep your employer closely involved in the process of the Academy. You will need to make some time at your CAPS meetings or create a separate time to work alongside each other. The best progress has been made by managers who have employers who are open enough to allow their managers to start taking on more responsibility and are willing to be part of the process. You have such an employer or you wouldn’t be on this course.
  4. Keep really good records of all your work. Imagine the edge that this work gives you when applying for other jobs, or getting a promotion within your current place of work? Imagine the edge it gives you for future applications for funding and further education? Remind yourself of how far you have come, by documenting your progress. Get into the habit of inserting photographs of practical work achieved and thoughts at the time.

We may be providing the work, but you are in control of your classroom culture. Get started well, because there is quite a journey is ahead.