The How to Build a Hospitality Culture Workshop 2018-05-17T10:52:19+13:00

There is no other workshop like this in NEW ZEALAND.

What to Expect:

Duration – 1 Day (9am to 3pm)

Location –  At our selected training venues OR at your place

Dates – Contact us to discuss dates – book well ahead

Who should attend? – Owners, Managers and Supervisors who; want to improve as leaders; and develop skills and knowledge to improve the team’s experience and the guest experience.

Once Owners, Managers and Supervisors have completed the workshop, we offer a high-energy version for the entire team if desired.

Numbers –  Limited to 15 participants (at our Training Room). Numbers can be increased if held at your venue.

What you’ll learn:


  • Learn about Hospitality Mission(ary) Leadership
  • Learn about Hospitality Management; HIRE and GROW hospitality people
  • Learn about the importance of a shared Hospitality LANGUAGE
  • Learn about the TOOLS for hospitality and learn how to USE them

For TEAM Workshops:

  • Learn how to maximise your Hospitality work experience into career GROWTH in ANY industry
  • Learn how to develop the Hospitality character that every employer wants and needs
  • Learn how to articulate Hospitality Business Understanding
  • Learn how to fast-track promotion and increasing effectiveness


  • A letter of participation will be provided for those who attend the full day

Materials Supplied – A summary worksheet will be provided for participants; a short toolkit is provided for owners

Catering – Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided

Presentation – The workshop will be led by one of our fully trained team. All of whom have extensive personal experience with culture building.  The workshop will be interactive, visual and practical.

Fee – $345 excl GST per person