The Financial Planning and Leadership Course 2020-01-21T11:17:32+13:00

Do you want to increase revenue & profit?  

Do you want to engage and retain employees? 

Do you want FAST results?  

Of course you do! 

Open Book Management makes an enormous financial and cultural difference to any business. 




It’s a no brainer.    

Implementing O.B.M in your business will make the largest immediate difference possible – you simply can’t afford not to practice open book management.

The training is low cost and the implementation and running costs are almost nil – O.B.M simply becomes best practice for you and your team.

It’s stimulating. 

It’s rewarding.

It produces fast results for everyone involved, and EVERYONE is involved!   

Who’s it for?

  • Hospitality Business Owners
  • Hospitality Managers/Supervisors (up-and coming talent) 
  • Financial Controllers
Online Training Dates:
Lesson One    Feb 25th 2020 –  2pm-3pm
Lesson Two    March 3rd 2020 – 2pm-3pm
Lesson Three  March 10th 2020 – 2pm-3pm
You only need to turn up to your computer screen and experience LIVE training from trainers with experience in the best O.B.M hospitality businesses in the world. 
This is it – this is you falling in love with your work again.    

Topics covered:

  • WHAT is Open Book Management? 
  • WHY and HOW O.B.M makes a rapid difference?  
  • HOW O.B.M works within a Hospitality Business?   
  • HOW to play ‘The Great Game’ of Business
  • HOW to know & teach the rules
  • HOW to follow the Action and Keep Score
  • HOW to include your Net Promoter Score and employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • HOW to communicate the results
  • How to provide employees with a direct stake in the game.
  • How to create and manage a D.O.R (Department Operating Report)
  • How to run a weekly huddle. 

The Hospitality Business
Open Book Management Course
Feb/March 2020

We Teach You and Your Managers How to Implement OBM - Build a Winning Team
$ 295
  • Price per Business
  • Unlimited Attendees from your Business
  • Access to Three LIVE Online Trainings
  • PDF Summary Training Notes
  • Tools and Templates to Start OBM