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Welcome, to The Hospitality Company and our membership site: 

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Being a member of the company means that you have access to hospitality specific business information and advice that will improve the performance of your business and enhance your business experience. Life is short, and too tough to do alone. The smartest people surround themselves with the sort of support that makes progress happen.

At THC, we connect the dots, so you don’t have to invent everything from scratch. You are clever, energetic, and very … very busy. While there are few short cuts in life, there are efficiencies that make future proofing your business achievable in real time.

The business of hospitality is complex, many of you are creative geniuses and find systemising your genius challenging, that’s where we can help. Read about our Hospitality Business Architecture and find out about the dozens of areas where we can provide practical help and inspiration.


James and Alexis O’Connell