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“My manager and I traveled from Dunedin to do the Immersion workshop in October. Straight away Liz was warm and inviting and there was an instant connection. Liz is a great communicator. She’s makes you feel super relaxed and we left raving about her to the other staff. She has done the hard yards and is a living example of everything she teaches. She is inspiring and motivational.

There is a lot of information to take on board but because Liz and her team are so open and happy to share how they operate it all makes sense very quickly. I would definitely recommend it/her to everyone!”

Tia Winikerei – Dunedin


” I own and manage a Cafe and Bar on the West Coast of the South Island called The Denniston Dog. I recently completed a 2-day workshop with Liz Perkins, learning Loaded Reports, Jolt Up and other hospitality systems. I found the training to be massively beneficial to our business moving forward. I have identified a number of areas where we can improve and implement systems to reach our business benchmarks. I have had some of these systems for a period of time but now I know how to use them. Liz was very understanding and I now feel confident about the success of our business.”

Heather O’Tool –  Westport


“My management team travelled from Wellington to Alexandra for the Hospitality Immersion Workshop hosted by Liz Perkins in May this year.(2017) We had two full days of training with the purpose of fast-tracking the implementation of Loaded Reports plus other online management systems for the Ministry of Food.

We were all totally engaged the whole time and had every opportunity to ask questions and fully understand each area we were covering.

We don’t get much opportunity to be together outside of the daily demands of running a business. I felt that at the end of the two days, with Liz’s great facilitation, we all had a far better understanding of what makes ourselves and each other tick.

The two days were not only educational and relationship building but well paced with time to relax and enjoy the time together in a picturesque part of the country.

The follow-up support was greatly appreciated to clarify and reinforce the training.

Liz is an excellent communicator and really cares about the people around her. She is lots of fun and I greatly value any time I get to spend with her, on both a professional and personal level.”

Brenda Jessup – Wanaka