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You asked for it … so here it is!

Do you still work ‘in’ instead of ‘on’ your business?

Do you have supervisors rather than managers running your business?

Do you have people you can develop further, but are lacking the time & energy?

Do you want your managers to think like owners?

Do you want to create stronger career pathways and retain the most talented in your team?

… then THIS Professional Development is for the manager/s (and potential managers) in your business.

Here is the low-cost, high-impact leadership training specifically targeted at management in hospitality.

The training is designed by a ‘veteran’ (sorry James) of the industry, who has spent 20-years training hospitality managers into a higher and more productive expression of management.

Let’s not complicate effective leadership but make it clear and simple and easy to achieve.

For the manager, the most significant barrier to fast-tracking increased profitability and a more enjoyable hospitality experience is a lack of information and action on leadership.

Let’s knock the barrier down.   

Who’s it for?

  • Hospitality Managers/Supervisors (up and coming talent) and their Owners

Online Training Dates:

Lesson One –TBC

Lesson Two – TBC

Lesson Three – TBC

You need only turn up to your computer screen and experience the LIVE training from the comfort of your own home or workspace OR listen as a group together and discuss.

This is it – this is your managers falling in love with work again.    

Topics covered:

  • Why a lack of high-status management in the hospitality industry is directly impacting profitability; gain greater insight
  • What a high performing manager looks like; enhance your perspective
  • How Maxwell’s levels of leadership look like in a small-medium hospitality business; make better decisions  
  • How to improve your leadership skills, and what to focus on FIRST; gain perspective
  • Why & how to think like an owner; make better decisions
  • How to manage those challenging conversations and make progress; communicate what you truly value
  • How to manage your time better; and fast-track your key priorities
  • How to give and receive feedback in a way that is easy to take; gain insight
  • How to design a leadership development program for your team; gain support
  • How to sell your business as a developer of leaders in the industry; gain a reputation

The Hospitality Management (Leadership Development) Course
STARTS Sept 3rd

We teach your Managers how to LEAD
$ 295
  • Price per Business
  • Unlimited Attendees from your Business
  • Access to Three LIVE Video Trainings (1 Hour each)
  • PDF Summary Training Notes
  • PDF Summary Training Notes
  • Tools and Templates to Start Leadership Growth