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Hospitality Business Coaching with James

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“I think Coco’s has always been a great restaurant, but it hasn’t always been a great business, and that was the goal. Through James, and the Hospitality Company we are well on our way to achieving this”.
Renee Coutler from Coco's - Auckland

Hospitality Business Coaching with Liz

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One to One Coaching

  • Work One on One with an HBA Business Coach
  • Have two video coaching sessions per month
  • Access to your own Coaching Portal
  • Receive preferential bookings for our Online Training Courses
  • Be supported by our team of business & operational experts
  • Access to ‘Call Your Coach’ for quick fire answers
  • Access our HBA Coaching Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Coaching is usually via online video conferencing, but we usually try to make at least one on-site visit, or more, depending on your location.  Coaching sessions are fornightly on a set day at a set time to create momentum and so you can plan your week. You will also be connected to the Client  Fb page which allows you to ask questions and build relationships with others in the industry. You and your coach may decide at times that you need specialist on-site Business Intelligence training and that training will be organised if the need arises. Your coach will be available, via phone or email, for any urgent questions or situations that need attention.

What am I committing to?

You’re in control. While you are not committing yourself to any length of time or contract with your coach – you ARE committing yourself to significant professional development. While receiving coaching, you will be expected to take the action in your business that you have said you will take. Part of having a coach is also being accountable to someone; ensuring that your joint decisions actually happen. If you are struggling to take action, it is important for you to discuss why you are finding it difficult, so you and your coach can work together towards your business success. Otherwise, there are no hidden agreements, no obligation to continue coaching further than what you decide is working very well for you, and in your particular circumstances.  A coach/client relationship often becomes one of friendship and certainly relies on mutual trust. You are committing yourself to open and honest communication with a real desire to improve your business.

How long should I receive coaching?

It’s completely up to you! You pay in monthly blocks, and you decide. Most of our clients have very long-term relationships with us, but others want specialist advice in a particular area. You should always ask yourself, ‘Am I receiving considerable value from the process‘, and if you are, and it is paying off – then it makes sense to keep going. The best scenario is that you become so sophisticated that you outgrow your coach! From there, your coach may be able to help you find the best specialist advice from anywhere in the world. The vast majority of our clients continue some form of relationship with us; HBA Membership. Our goal is to always remain connected and helpful.