In the context of Sales, do we have more to learn from Retail?

A trendy café on George Street, Dunedin: As I’m sitting alone in an anonymous café - for the purposes of this blog. I’ve decided I really like Dunedin. It has that ‘European’ feel that I don’t currently have the time to experience for real and miss in Christchurch. I’m sitting in the window seat with [...]

Why efficient & polite isn’t good enough any more …

No stories or anecdotes in this blog … just ONE strong and simple point that I don’t what anyone to miss. Once upon a time … marketing was a narrow science; it was all about the product. Then the technological age complicated matters, product development became increasingly sophisticated and competitive, and marketing drove itself by [...]

Leadership…spend your days learning to be the real deal.

John C. Maxwell claims that leadership is the ‘process of influence’ – that it is a verb, a ‘doing’ word not a noun. He argues that influence is as inevitable as being alive. Obviously influence can be wide or narrow, deep or shallow, positive or negative – or a complex concoction of it all, but [...]

Recruit and Train for Financial Success

Imagine you have 500k you would like to invest. How carefully would you consider, research, and question your financial advisor(s)? Investing such a considerable amount of money would take several conversations, the viewing of many portfolios, and the seeking of advice from the right sort of experts required to maximise your investment potential. And yet [...]

How to FIND the Missing Money in your Business …

5 Things to do if you want to create a winning sales culture in your business Last week Mrs Hospitality Company revealed the usual state of affairs in most of the Bar/Restaurants across the country. Almost ALL Hospitality businesses in New Zealand are under-selling. In a sense this is great news. Despite the growing Tourism [...]

The Missing Money in your Business

Sometimes it is clear that life is a comedy of errors … ‘It is a tale told by an idiot.’  [Macbeth said that, but I’m under strict instructions not to make literary references in a Business Blog] My experience of hospitality this week has been a tale told by an idiot … but I’m convinced [...]

But, of course, this isn’t you … right?

In seventeen years of business coaching in the Hospitality Industry I’ve witnessed trends and fads, some promising technological advances, and some new and exciting approaches to food, booze and brands. Hospitality types tend to be a passionate bunch, and that often shows. But there are some fundamental areas that remain ignored or marginalised in the [...]

Newsflash! We’re in the (shouty capitals) HOSPITALITY Industry

As if we needed proof that we care deeply about our beer and coffee. Leading the news this week was Alistair Boyce, the multi-talented Managing Director of The Backbencher GastroPub, who claims that the cheap booze from supermarkets and liquor stores are damaging Wellington’s Hospitality Industry. He claims that Wellington’s Hospitality Industry is in decline [...]