Cheers to Whitney!

If you have been following my blogs over recent weeks, you will know that I’m a bit fired up. It’s all very well reading about best practice, studying theory and seeing the disconnect between the ideal and what is experienced, but to experience best practice first-hand in a sustained and powerful fashion is a different [...]

Feel like a hug?

To become and remain an ‘institution’ since 1994, in a market as competitive as New York, means that Gramercy Tavern must have ‘something’ special. The challenge is to remain a New York institution. Gramercy Tavern must ‘re-present’ every day to taste-buds, the moodiest of the senses, and irrespective of culture-vulture pedigree or lack of foodie-sophistication, [...]

The skills shortage … sorry we didn’t mean for you to skip a few heartbeats

One of the many life lessons that eventually penetrates once you are over 40 is no matter what the problem is it pays to always ask the person in the mirror first – which partially explains why Mr Hospitality spends so much time looking in the mirror. This week, we’ve been doing a bit of [...]

Industry stress, first dates and how to get her number!

One of the consequences of stress is that it makes it much harder to achieve some of the things that would make our lives a little less stressful or at least more productive. The Hospitality Industry is stressful because it represents a complex process that involves sales and marketing, multiple production elements, service, fulfilment and [...]

Are Supervisors running your business? Oh dear … RIP

The Hospitality Industry is rife with Supervisors who have been called Managers … which is a serious problem for EVERYONE involved.  Here is a quick quiz to identify whether you have a serious problem:  Q: Is your ‘manager’ financially literate enough to know & understand your Profit & Loss Statement? Q: Is your ‘manager’ actually [...]